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Slimecraft Mod
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Unleash a Slimy Adventure: Dive into Slimecraft!

Transform your Minecraft world with Slimecraft, a comprehensive add-on brimming with slimy delights!

Unleash Your Inner Slime Trainer:

  • Tame the Wild: Capture slimes, your new loyal companions!

  • Ride in Style: Mount your trusty slime and explore your world in slimy comfort.

  • Express Yourself: Customize your slime's hue to match your personal style with a vibrant color palette.

Gear Up in Slimey Grandeur:

  • Unveiling Slime Armor: Don the all-new slime armor, boasting eleven distinct colors to complement your personality.

  • Soaring through the Skies: Equip the slime boots and experience a delightful jump boost, propelling you to new heights.

Unbound Creativity Awaits:

  • A Blocky Bonanza: Over 60+ new blocks await your exploration, including vertical slabs, stairs, columns, and more, empowering you to construct elaborate and unique structures.

  • Crystalized Power: Delve into the depths of swamp biomes and unearth the mesmerizing crystallized slime ore, essential for crafting potent slime armor and tools.

A World Enriched with Slimy Companions:

  • Peaceful Encounters: Encounter passive slimes and charming slime cows residing in swamp biomes. These gentle creatures pose no threat and can be befriended with a sweet, sticky cookie.

Embark on a Slimy Odyssey:

Slimecraft injects a vibrant splash of slime-tastic fun into your Minecraft experience. Explore, create, and forge an unforgettable bond with your slimy companions!


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