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Simple Magnets Addon

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Simple Magnets Addon
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Thu Oct 05 11:10:00 CST 2023
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Addon: Simple Magnets - modsgamer.com

The Simple Magnets Addon introduces seven new magnets and a basic magnetizing coil to Minecraft. These magnets can be used for a variety of purposes, including agriculture and mining.

Using this Minecraft mod addon you can magnetize certain items to make them easier to collect. The basic magnetizing coil is the key to making this work. Just make a coil and connect it to one of the seven available magnets to start magnetizing items.

This Minecraft add-on is ideal for players who want to streamline their resource gathering process and make their Minecraft experience more efficient.

 Basic Magnetization Coil Pulls Items Up to 22 Blocks Addon: Simple Magnets - modsgamer.com 

Cooper Magnet: Pulls Items Up to 5 BlocksAddon: Simple Magnets - modsgamer.com

Iron Magnet: Pulls Items Up to 7 BlocksAddon: Simple Magnets - modsgamer.com

Gold Magnet: Pulls Items Up to 9 BlocksAddon: Simple Magnets - modsgamer.com

Emerald Magnet: Pulls Items Up to 11 BlocksAddon: Simple Magnets - modsgamer.com

Diamond Magnet: Pulls Items Up to 15 BlocksAddon: Simple Magnets - modsgamer.com

Netherite Magnet: Pulls Items Up to 17 BlocksAddon: Simple Magnets - modsgamer.com

Sculk Magnet: Pulls Items Up to 5 BlocksAddon: Simple Magnets - modsgamer.com

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