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Shiny Cake Derps v2 skin

date date Thu Aug 10 18:57:33 CST 2023"
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Shiny Cake Derps v2 skin
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Thu Aug 10 18:57:33 CST 2023
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This Minecraft mod containing 36 shiny Cake Depp skins! 

These 36 shiny metal cakes are baked by ExamineCat in the hottest blast oven! Ready to take a bite? careful! You could break a tooth. How about you wear them as Minecraft skins? This idea sounds like a great idea! Introducing...Shiny Cake Depp! Now with fiery icing.

Shiny Cake Derps v2 - modsgamer.com

Do you like Depp? Don't lie because I know you will!

do you like cake I bet you eat them for breakfast!

Do you like shiny things? Your eyes simply cannot resist them!

Do you want multiple skins to choose from? Otherwise why are you still here? !

Then the Shiny Cake Depp Skin Pack is just for you, containing 36 shiny Cake Depp skins! You heard (and I mean, read) that right... 36 shiny cake skins!

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