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SERP Lucky Blocks Mod

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SERP Lucky Blocks Mod
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Wed Oct 18 18:52:27 CST 2023
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Addon: SERP Lucky Blocks - modsgamer.com

SERP Lucky Blocks Mod: Fill your Minecraft world with surprises

This Minecraft mod allows you to craft a magic block that when you hit it, opens up and gives way to any of a variety of actions, including traps, mobs, buildings, loot, and potion effects! It currently has over 110 programmed actions, but more will be added in the future!

This mod is perfect for any player who loves Minecraft or Surprise. It can make your Minecraft world full of surprises and fun.

Mod details

Addon: SERP Lucky Blocks - modsgamer.com 


Lucky girls will appear in your world from time to time, selling lucky baskets for just a few emeralds. This is very useful if you don't have the materials to make your own lucky cube! As the updates progress, she will sell more and more products.

Addon: SERP Lucky Blocks - modsgamer.com 


The lucky basket can only be obtained through the Lucky dealer, it can be used through crafting and it will give you 6 lucky blocks!

Addon: SERP Lucky Blocks - modsgamer.com 


Beware this block, for it is a powerful tool that can bring both good and ill. Shatter it at your own risk, for you may be rewarded with enchanted netherite armor, good loot, or buff potion effects, but you may also suffer poison, structure traps, or malicious entities!

Addon: SERP Lucky Blocks - modsgamer.com 


It's very dangerous. He hits hard and his attacks have different effects such as blindness, levitation, poison and wither, he jumps high and has a lot of health. However it can give quite juicy random rewards after killing it, it will only appear inside the Lucky blocks.

Addon: SERP Lucky Blocks - modsgamer.com 


Gives minimal random rewards like dirt blocks, sticks, a single diamond, etc. It is very difficult to land a hit and they only appear in packs, their way of attacking is flying in a straight line and going down very fast. They only appear inside lucky blocks.

Addon: SERP Lucky Blocks - modsgamer.com 


The Giant zombie is back, if it attacks you it will give you slowness, so you have to be careful of its blows. His rewards are the same as a normal zombie but in large portions.



Lucky block from lucky basket

Addon: SERP Lucky Blocks - modsgamer.com 

Lucky block from vanilla materials

Addon: SERP Lucky Blocks - modsgamer.com 


Types of possible events:

Effects: Gives both good and bad random potion effects such as strength, speed, poison, nausea, absorption, etc...

Entities: Summons a random entity, like monsters, bosses, animals, and special entity events such as skeleton riders, a raid, the giant zombie, etc...

Loots: Drops random loot, can drop very good things like armor, redstone materials, valuable minerals, as well as junk items, poisoned food, or bad materials.

Traps: It makes a trap appear that will always be bad, for example a hole with a huge drop, a bunch of monsters, a jail full of water, etc...

How to use mod

 - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

 - Activate experimental game feature


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