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Sailboat Mod
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Addon: Sailboat Add-on -

Sailboat Add-on: Expand Your Nautical Adventures

Enhance your Minecraft sailing adventures with the Sailboat Add-on, introducing a variety of craftable sailboats constructed from different types of wood.

Crafting and Appearance

Sailboats can be conveniently crafted on the crafting table using wood planks from various tree types, including oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak, and crimson.

Behavior and Customization

Sailboats function similarly to vanilla boats, smoothly gliding across water bodies. To control the direction of your sailboat, simply use the oars or a carrot and stick.

Color Customization

Add a touch of personalization to your sailboat by right-clicking on it while holding a dye. The sailboat will adopt the color of the dye, transforming your vessel into a vibrant addition to the seascape. However, upon breaking the sailboat, it will return to its original white color.

Embark on Aquatic Explorations

With the Sailboat Add-on at your disposal, embark on exciting voyages across vast oceans, discover hidden islands, and transport goods and resources with ease. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a beginner explorer, the Sailboat Add-on enhances your Minecraft maritime experiences.

Addon: Sailboat Add-on - 

Addon: Sailboat Add-on -  

Addon: Sailboat Add-on -

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