Run or Die Map

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Run or Die Map
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Map: Run or Die -

This Minecraft map is tailored for players who possess a certain level of parkour experience, as it presents a unique challenge that requires continuous movement. The map offers multiple difficulty levels, each with a designated time limit that allows players to pause and regroup.

Once the game begins, players are prohibited from stopping during the parkour sequence. Failure to maintain forward momentum will result in the player being automatically moved back to the previous checkpoint. Additionally, if the player deviates from the parkour path, they will also be transported back to the previous checkpoint. However, checkpoints serve as safe havens where players can rest and strategize without fear of losing progress.

Should a player need to exit the game during play, they can remove their leather hat and return to the lobby. This feature allows players to take a break or exit the game without losing progress.

Map: Run or Die -

Map: Run or Die -

Map: Run or Die -

Map: Run or Die -

Map: Run or Die -

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