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Realistic Bottlenose Dolphin Trainer Mod

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Realistic Bottlenose Dolphin Trainer Mod
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Fri Mar 08 16:28:31 CST 2024
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Train and Befriend Realistic Dolphins in Minecraft with the Dolphin Trainer Addon!

Calling all ocean enthusiasts and animal lovers! Dive into an unforgettable underwater experience with the Dolphin Trainer Addon for Minecraft.

Become a Dolphin Whisperer:

  • Lifelike Bottlenose Dolphins: Encounter stunningly realistic bottlenose dolphins meticulously crafted with advanced AI for immersive interactions.

  • Advanced Training System: Unlock an intuitive training system inspired by the popular Dolphin Trainer Addon.

Unleash a World of Fun:

  • Smart NPC Menu: Craft a special Amethyst Shard to activate a user-friendly Smart NPC menu on your tamed dolphin. This menu allows you to control a variety of playful behaviors and even assign them custom names!

  • Interactive Behaviors: Witness your dolphins perform tricks, jumps, dances, and even enjoy checkups! Engage in heartwarming petting interactions and witness their graceful swimming animations.

  • Advanced AI: Experience the thrill of dolphins working together, mimicking each other, and expressing emotions like excitement and playfulness.

Endless Customization:

  • Dolphinarium Management: Utilize the innovative Dolphin Tempt Separation System to manage large groups of dolphins effortlessly. Bind specific dolphins to different items for targeted training and interaction.

  • Customizable Jumps: Inspire your dolphins to perform incredible jumps by dropping specific items like kelp for backflips or salmon for frontflips. Watch them showcase their skills with dazzling animations!

  • Ride in Style: Tame your dolphins and explore the underwater world in style! Take control of their movement, dive deep, breach the surface, and even jump while riding.

Additional Features:

  • Enhanced Hunting: Witness dolphins showcase their improved hunting techniques, inspired by the popular "Squid Game" series.

  • Playful Personalities: Dolphins enjoy playtime with their favorite beach ball toy, which they can even smash for extra fun!

  • Roleplay Ready: Experiment with the optional morphing system and transform yourself into a dolphin for a unique roleplay experience (use with caution!).

Download the Dolphin Trainer Addon today and create a lasting bond with these majestic creatures in Minecraft!


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