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Rainbow Friends Mod by Tigrecraft

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Rainbow Friends Mod by Tigrecraft
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Addon: Rainbow Friends by Tigrecraft - modsgamer.com

Bring the Colorful Terror of Rainbow Friends to Minecraft! (New Addon)

Calling all Minecraft fans and Roblox enthusiasts! Get ready to face the charming yet chilling Rainbow Friends in your very own Minecraft world with this exciting new addon!

Prepare to Meet the Gang:

  • Blue: This towering, huggable fiend stalks the shadows, ready to snatch unsuspecting victims.

  • Green: Don't be fooled by his playful demeanor – Green's mischievous traps and unpredictable leaps will keep you on your toes.

  • Orange: Prepare for explosive encounters with Orange, whose unpredictable temper and fiery outbursts are nothing to sneeze at.

  • Purple: The enigmatic Purple lurks in the darkness, whispering cryptic clues and shrouding your path in uncertainty.

  • Yellow: Be wary of Yellow's seemingly friendly smile – his electrifying touch can quickly turn your adventure into a shocking experience.

  • Cyan: Don't let Cyan's innocent appearance fool you – her chilling whispers and teleportation abilities will make your skin crawl.

More Than Just Pretty Faces:

  • Unique Encounters: Each Rainbow Friend boasts distinct behaviors and abilities, demanding different strategies to overcome.

  • Hidden Secrets: Unravel the mysteries surrounding the Rainbow Friends and their motives through hidden clues and cryptic messages.

  • Chilling Atmosphere: Brace yourself for jump scares, eerie soundscapes, and a constant sense of dread as you navigate the vibrant yet unsettling world.

Beyond the Playground:

  • Custom Crafting: Craft unique items and weapons inspired by the Rainbow Friends to aid your survival.

  • New Challenges: Face off against additional monsters and puzzles inspired by the Roblox game, adding excitement to your Minecraft experience.

Ready to face your favorite (and not-so-favorite) Rainbow Friends? Download the addon today and let the games begin!

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