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Project Hallownest Mod

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Project Hallownest Mod
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Fri Feb 02 12:31:36 CST 2024
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Immerse Yourself in Hallownest with Project Hallownight Mod!

Calling all Hollow Knight fans! Dive into the captivating world of Hallownest within Minecraft with the Project Hallownest Mod. This continuously evolving mod brings the iconic weapons, spells, abilities, and even upcoming structures from the beloved Metroidvania game to your Minecraft experience.

Become the Knight:

  • Wield legendary nails like Sharpened Nail for speed or Coiled Nail for power.

  • Master soul arts like Vengeful Spirit to burn foes and Howling Wraiths for explosive damage.

  • Utilize abilities like Mothwing Cloak for dashes and Monarch Wings for double jumps.

  • Employ void-upgraded spells like Shade Soul and Abyss Shriek for even greater devastation.

Unravel the Mysteries:

  • Explore a world brimming with secrets and familiar Hallownest locations.

  • Discover crafting recipes for weapons, spells, and abilities.

  • Stay tuned for future updates adding structures, bosses, and even DLC content!

Key Features:

  • Extensive weapon arsenal with unique functions and crafting recipes.

  • Diverse spells and abilities, including void-upgraded versions.

  • Planned additions like structures, bosses, DLC content, and custom loot.

  • Active development team dedicated to continuous updates.

  • Music discs featuring the iconic Hollow Knight soundtrack (planned).


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