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Progression Craft Mod

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Progression Craft Mod
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Addon: Progression Craft - modsgamer.com

Conquer a Challenging Progression System with Progression Craft!

Experience a completely revamped Minecraft journey with Progression Craft, a Bedrock Edition addon heavily inspired by SevTech! This comprehensive pack takes you on a thrilling adventure, starting from humble beginnings where wooden tools are a luxury, and leading you all the way to the modern era of automation.

Embark on a Quest-Guided Adventure:

1. Unveiling the Path: Navigate your progression through a series of guidebooks, meticulously crafted to offer guidance and track your achievements.


2. Unlocking Rewards: Completing quest books grants you exciting rewards, propelling you forward in your journey.


3. Non-Linear Progression: Don't be intimidated by the number of available quests! Focus on specific paths at your own pace, venturing into other areas when necessary.

From Barely Surviving to Automated Wonders:

1. Age of Necessity: Begin your journey with minimal resources and celebrate the momentous achievement of crafting your first wooden tools and leather armor.


2. Crafting Evolution: Start crafting early on with a makeshift crafting table, then progress to a leather crafting table and finally, the coveted primal crafting table, marking the end of Age 1.


3. Age of Metal: Transition into the magical world of metalworking in Age 2, accepting the transitional book or crafting quest 46 through the primal table.


4. Unlocking Automation: Embrace the wonders of automation in later ages, crafting complex machines to streamline your tasks and unlock new possibilities.

Prepare for the Challenges:

1. Survival of the Fittest: Progression Craft is designed to be challenging, encouraging resourcefulness and strategic gameplay.


2. Mind Your Render Distance: Due to the addon's complexity and potential for lag, consider reducing your render distance for a smoother experience.


3. Device Compatibility: While the addon is functional, it may not perform optimally on all devices.

Delving Deeper:

1.Corrupting the World: Brace yourself for the dangers of the corrupted realm, which you will eventually need to enter. Prepare beforehand with the potent corruption mush.

2.Transforming Foliage: Use corruption to transform foliage into valuable materials, aiding you in your quest progression.

3.Intuitive Guidance: The quest books offer clear instructions and explanations, guiding you through each step of your journey.

​Embrace the Challenge and Conquer the Progression System with Progression Craft! Download it today and embark on an epic Minecraft adventure!

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