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Power Tools Addon

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Power Tools Addon
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Fri Sep 29 09:15:00 CST 2023
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Addon: Power Tools - modsgamer.com

Do you think the tool we used in game are too boring? Would you want to add tools that making it easier for us to mine or cut down trees in survival? This Minecraft mod adds 4 tools which help us facilitate our Minecraft!

Shaft Drill

This drill allows you to dig mine very efficiently as if you were using a diamond pick because of its speed, but with the high durability like iron pickaxe.

Addon: Power Tools - modsgamer.com

Wide-Bore Drill

This amazing drill allows you to dig a 3x3 area, very easily and efficiently!

Addon: Power Tools - modsgamer.com

Jack Hammer

This tool can use it as a normal pickaxe, but if you Right Click it you will start digging down IMMEDIATELY! On the phone, just press and hold the screen and you will start digging.

Addon: Power Tools - modsgamer.com



This chainsaw will help you cut trees faster, with greater speed and durability than an iron axe

Addon: Power Tools - modsgamer.com

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