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PortalPlus - Portal Addon

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PortalPlus - Portal Addon
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Tue Apr 16 15:32:13 CST 2024
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Immerse Yourself in the Portal Universe with Minecraft's PortalPlus Mod (V2.1 Bug Fix)!

Calling all Minecraft adventurers! PortalPlus (V2.1 Bug Fix) brings the iconic Portal experience to your favorite blocky world! This feature-rich mod lets you manipulate space and conquer challenges with a variety of Portal-themed tools and mechanics.

Embrace the Portal Experience:

  • Wield the Portal Gun: Shoot portals, pick up weighted cubes, and solve spatial puzzles just like in the Portal games.

  • Beware the Turrets: Navigate through test chambers dodging the deadly fire of automated turrets.

  • Befriend or Fight: Tame turrets to become your allies or engage them in exciting battles (beware of friendly fire!).

A World of Possibilities:

  • Repulsion and Propulsion Gels: Master the unique properties of repulsion and propulsion gels to maneuver your way through challenges. (Repulsion functionality coming soon!)

  • Portal-Ready Surfaces: Craft surfaces specifically designed for portal creation, expanding your teleportation options.

  • New Items, Blocks, and Structures: Discover a plethora of new items, blocks, and structures inspired by the Portal universe, enriching your Minecraft world.

Enhanced Gameplay:

  • Intuitive User Interface: Navigate the mod with ease thanks to a slightly modified user interface.

  • Crafting and Customization: Craft essential PortalPlus items using Fabricators and customize portal tiles with Stonecutters.


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