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Player Graves Mod

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Player Graves Mod
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Fri Mar 01 17:48:49 CST 2024
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Conquer Death's Grip: Secure Your Loot with Player Graves!

Ever lost precious gear after a hard-fought battle, only to find it vanished? Fear not, adventurers! Player Graves is here to save the day!

Rest in Loot-Secured Peace:

  • Safeguard Your Belongings: Say goodbye to despawned loot! When you perish, your items are automatically stored in a personalized grave at your death location.

  • Retrieve Your Treasures: No more frantic searches! Easily locate your grave and reclaim your lost gear, ensuring your hard-earned belongings never disappear.

  • Intuitive Interaction: Access your grave's inventory simply by using the standard interaction key (touchscreen tap on mobile). Once emptied, dismantle the grave with a single punch.

Embrace adventure with newfound confidence! Download Player Graves today and ensure your loot rests in peace – until you reclaim it!


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