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Player Graves Mod

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Player Graves Mod
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Tue Dec 12 17:53:30 CST 2023
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Addon: Player Graves - modsgamer.com

Never Fear Death Again with the Gravestone Add-on!

Is the fear of losing your precious items upon death holding you back in your Minecraft adventures? Worry no more! The Gravestone Add-on offers a unique solution, ensuring your belongings are safe even in the face of the inevitable.

Embrace Peace of Mind:

  • Three Guardians of Your Loot: Upon your demise, three distinct gravestones materialize, diligently collecting all your items for safekeeping.

Addon: Player Graves - modsgamer.com

  • Unprecedented Capacity: These specialized gravestones boast the ability to store your entire inventory and beyond, providing ample space for all your treasures.

  • Recovery at Your Fingertips: Retrieve your lost items with ease using the provided Grave Key. Unlocking the gravestone grants access to your stored belongings, allowing you to resume your journey with confidence.

Addon: Player Graves - modsgamer.com

A Warning for Adventurers:

  • Lava's Unrelenting Grip: While the Gravestone safeguards your possessions from most dangers, the fiery touch of lava remains a threat. Be cautious near lava to ensure your treasures remain safe.

Choose Your Fate:

  • Grave Key Accessibility: The provided Grave Key unlocks the secrets of your gravestone. Choose this version for enhanced security and controlled access.

  • Direct Retrieval: For a more streamlined experience, the No Grave Key version allows you to access your stored items simply by breaking the grave.

Download the Gravestone Add-on today and explore the vast world of Minecraft with newfound courage, knowing your valuables are secure even in the face of adversity!

Must have experimental mode on turned on in your world.

Addon: Player Graves - modsgamer.com

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