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Philippine Army - 3D Gun Warpack Mod

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Philippine Army - 3D Gun Warpack Mod
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Defend Your Nation with Pride: The Armed Forces of the Philippines Warpack for Minecraft!

Serve your country and experience realistic combat with the Armed Forces of the Philippines Warpack for Minecraft! This immersive addon equips you with the essential gear and weaponry used by the brave soldiers of the AFP, allowing you to recreate thrilling military operations or simply enjoy tactical action.

Unleash Your Inner Soldier:

  • Authentic Arsenal: Wield eight meticulously detailed 3D guns, including the iconic M16A1, M3 Grease Gun, and modern R4A3 Carbine.

  • Accurate Gear: Suit up in two official AFP uniforms and proudly display the Philippine flag on your base with a dedicated flag post.

  • Uncompromising Realism: Immerse yourself in realistic gun sounds, animations, and models for an authentic combat experience.

  • Multiplayer Ready: Engage in intense battles with friends or fellow soldiers without lag spikes or crashes, thanks to optimized performance.

  • Customization Options: Change your player skin and personalize your loadout to match your playstyle.

Planned Expansions:

  • More Vehicles: Take command of powerful military vehicles like the Kia KM450, with even more additions planned for the future.

  • Expanding Arsenal: Expect your armory to grow with the introduction of new weapons and equipment in upcoming updates.

Additional Features:

  • Convenient Crafting Recipes: Easily craft the gear and weapons you need.

  • Helpful Function Commands: Utilize commands like /function allguns and /function clearlag for quick access and maintenance.


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