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Phaneroland: Mesozoica Mod

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Phaneroland: Mesozoica Mod
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Mon Oct 09 18:03:55 CST 2023
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Addon: Phaneroland: Mesozoica - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft Mod adds dinosaurs to your world, each spawning in their own biome. In the future, the plug-in will include about 50 more prehistoric creatures, including tyrannosaurs and more.

Mod introduction


Giganotosaurus Carolinii

Addon: Phaneroland: Mesozoica - modsgamer.com 

  • One of the Most Dangerous Predator. Rarely Hunts Spinosaurus and Saurophaganax.

  • HP: 585/585

  • ATK DMG: 34

  • PREY: Saurophaganax, Spinosaurus, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Chicken.

  • PREDATOR: None

Corythoraptor Jacobsi

Addon: Phaneroland: Mesozoica - modsgamer.com 

  • Qianzhousaurus's main Prey! Runs away from Predators.

  • HP: 310/310

  • ATK DMG: 9 

  • PREY: Cow, Pig, Sheep, Chicken.

  • PREDATOR: Giganotosaurus, Saurophaganax, Torvosaurus, Concavenator, Alioramus, And Qianzhousaurus.


Qianzhousaurus Sinensis

Addon: Phaneroland: Mesozoica - modsgamer.com 

  • Qianzhousaurus. The Top Predator of The Taiga Forest, Spawns rarely, and Will mostly Hunt Corythoraptors.

  • HP: 345/345

  • ATK DMG: 27

  • PREY: Corythoraptor, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Chicken.

  • PREDATOR: None


Saurophaganax Maximus

Addon: Phaneroland: Mesozoica - modsgamer.com 

  • Saurophaganax! A Deadly Hunter, Attacks Almost Any Torvosauruses it sees!

  • HP: 575/575

  • ATK DMG: 33

  • PREY: Torvosaurus, Pig, Cow, Sheep, Chicken.

  • PREDATOR: None

Torvosaurus Tanneri

Addon: Phaneroland: Mesozoica - modsgamer.com 

  • Torvosaurus. Fearless to Saurophaganax. They Are One of the Best enemies.

  • HP: 512/512

  • ATK DMG: 31

  • PREY: Saurophaganax, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Chicken.

  • PREDATOR: None


Alioramus Remotus

Addon: Phaneroland: Mesozoica - modsgamer.com 

  • Alioramus is a small Theropod Tyrannosaurid Living In the Savannas. These Creatures Hate Concavenators, And will Probably Attack Each Other.

  • HP: 252/252

  • ATK DMG: 19

  • PREY: Concavenator, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Chicken.

  • PREDATOR: None

Concavenator Corcovatus

Addon: Phaneroland: Mesozoica - modsgamer.com 

  • Concavenator is a Small Carcharodontosaurid Living in the Savanna, Their Predators are Alioramuses. And Would Probably Hate Each Other.

  • HP: 235/235

  • ATK DMG: 18

  • PREY: Pig, Sheep, Cow, Chicken.

  • PREDATOR: Alioramus


Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

Addon: Phaneroland: Mesozoica - modsgamer.com 

  • Spinosaurus is a Large Theropod Spinosaurid Living in the Swamps, It mostly Hunts fish, but also Eats small animals. Living with its relative being the Suchomimus.

  • HP : 612/612

  • ATK DMG : 16

  • PREY: Alioramus, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Chicken, Fish.

  • PREDATOR: Giganotosaurus 

Suchomimus Tenerensis

Addon: Phaneroland: Mesozoica - modsgamer.com 

  • Suchomimus is a Medium Theropod Spinosaurid, Has the Same Diet as Spinosaurus, But hates Spinosaurus and Avoids getting close.

  • HP: 525/525

  • ATK DMG: 12

  • PREY: Alioramus, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Chicken, Fish.

  • PREDATOR: Spinosaurus

How to use mod

- Install Behavior and Resource Pack 

- Activate experimental game feature 


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