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Parkour Corridor 4 Map

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Parkour Corridor 4 Map
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Mon Aug 21 18:11:46 CST 2023
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Parkour Corridor 4 - modsgamer.com

This parkour map for minecraft contains 30 parkour levels with special themes and biomes. In order to make it easier for you to complete parkour, a function has been added to the game so that you can take a shortcut to complete parkour easily.Parkour minecarft, minecarft map

Main features on the map:

• trails

• Coil (Boost/Energize) new feature!

• Speed Run Timer (NEW!) NEW!


Level S = 660 seconds > 11 minutes

Level A = 661 to 780 seconds > 11 to 13 minutes

Level B = 781 to 900 seconds > 13 to 15 minutes

Class C = 901 to 1200 seconds > 15 to 20 minutes

Grade D = 1201 seconds and above > 20 minutes and above

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