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Paleocraft Addon

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Paleocraft Addon
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Tue Oct 31 18:44:12 CST 2023
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Addon: Paleocraft - modsgamer.com

This complimentary minecraft addon features the timeless dinosaurs from the Paleocraft addon universe. Presently, there are 9 species included, with ongoing updates planned to incorporate all the secret and unused models from the official Paleocraft addon. Be sure to stay tuned for future updates, as additional species and a variety of items for taming purposes will be introduced. Keep an eye out for these exciting developments!

Ceratosuchops inferodiosAddon: Paleocraft - modsgamer.com  


Caelestiventus hanseniAddon: Paleocraft - modsgamer.com 

Udanoceratops tschizhoviAddon: Paleocraft - modsgamer.com 

Genyodectes serusAddon: Paleocraft - modsgamer.com 

Riparovenator milnaraeAddon: Paleocraft - modsgamer.com


Torosaurus latusAddon: Paleocraft - modsgamer.com 

Sinraptor dongiAddon: Paleocraft - modsgamer.com 

Tarbosaurus bataarAddon: Paleocraft - modsgamer.com 

Hesperosaurus mjosiAddon: Paleocraft - modsgamer.com


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