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Nightmare Glamrock Freddy Mod[FNaF]

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Nightmare Glamrock Freddy Mod[FNaF]
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Addon: Nightmare Glamrock Freddy - modsgamer.com​ 

Embark on a Glitching Nightmare with Nightmare Glamrock Freddy! (Minecraft)

Get ready to face a glitching terror plucked straight from FNaF lore! Introducing the Nightmare Glamrock Freddy addon, bringing the monstrous counterpart of everyone's favorite glam rocker to your Minecraft world. Brace yourself for a chilling twist on the iconic animatronic, as this nightmare version sports teeth-gnashing ferocity and a menacing presence guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

A Twisted Reflection:

  • Glitching Terror: Witness Nightmare Glamrock Freddy's distorted form, a nightmarish reflection of his flamboyant counterpart. Sharp teeth, piercing eyes, and an unsettling grin paint a horrifying picture.

  • Unhinged Aggression: Prepare for unpredictable attacks and relentless pursuit. This Freddy isn't here to rock, he's here to shred your nerves to pieces.

Beyond the Stage:

  • More Than Just a Model: This addon isn't just a visual treat. Nightmare Glamrock Freddy comes packed with custom behaviors and abilities, making him a formidable foe to conquer.

  • Craft the Nightmare: Summon this monstrous animatronic in creative mode and bring him face-to-face with your Minecraft creations. Will you craft your own defenses or succumb to his glitching fury?

  • Channel Your Inner Irritant: Celebrate the creator behind this chilling monstrosity! This addon honors the work of popular YouTuber Irritant, so give his channel a visit and share your terrifying encounters with Nightmare Glamrock Freddy.

Unleash the Chills:

  • Immersive Atmosphere: Prepare for a spine-tingling experience. Eerie sound effects and a haunting ambiance will draw you deeper into the Nightmare Glamrock Freddy's domain.

  • Community of Fear: Join a community of FNaF and Minecraft fans who share their chilling adventures and strategies. Learn how to outsmart the nightmare or simply share your screams together.


  • Activate the Glitch: Don't forget to enable the Experimental options in your map settings to unlock Nightmare Glamrock Freddy's full potential.

  • Ready to Face the Fright?: Download the addon now and let the chilling encounters with Nightmare Glamrock Freddy begin!


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