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Night Of The Clown (Horror) Mod

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Night Of The Clown (Horror) Mod
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Mon Feb 26 16:30:27 CST 2024
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Brace Yourself for the Night of the Clown!

The darkest nights just got darker in Minecraft with the Night of the Clown add-on!

Prepare for a chilling encounter:

  • Beware the New Moon: When the moon disappears, the night transforms into the dreaded Night of the Clown.

  • Hear the Laughter, Feel the Fear: Disturbing laughter signals the arrival of a horde of bloodthirsty clowns, eager to chase and attack.

  • Seek Shelter or Embrace the Challenge: Hide indoors and hope for dawn, or fight for survival against waves of relentless clowns.

Know Your Enemy:

  • Melee Clowns: These relentless pursuers will stop at nothing to hunt you down, even opening doors to reach you.

  • Ranged Clowns: Watch out for flying pies! These long-distance attackers will bombard you with painful projectiles but flee at close range.

  • Beware the Teleporters: Some clowns possess an unnerving ability to teleport you to their location upon being hit.

Spoils and Survival:

  • Defeat the clowns to collect valuable loot: Expect an abundance of dye and the rare chance to acquire coveted Netherite items.

  • Survival-friendly integration: This add-on seamlessly integrates into your existing world, only activating during the Night of the Clown. Don't want to play? Simply sleep through the new moon.

  • Bonus Tip (somewhat of a cheat): The Voodoo Doll from the Hurt Me Plenty add-on might offer some protection against these unwelcome visitors, but use it responsibly!

Download Today and Face Your Fears!

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