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Nethercraft Mod
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Breathe New Life into the Nether with Nethercraft [V.4]!

Calling all Nether explorers! Nethercraft [V.4] injects a surge of excitement into Minecraft's fiery underworld, brimming with new biomes, resources, mobs, and even a fearsome boss!

A World of New Riches:

  • Diverse Nether Stones: Paraiba and Berly Shale stones add textural variety to the Nether landscape. Paraiba can be found in the Warped Forest, while Berly Shale is scattered throughout.

  • Unique Woods: Encounter three new wood types:

    • Death Cap: These green-stemmed trees thrive in the ominous "Death Cap" biome.

    • Chaga: Black and orange Chaga trees are a common sight in the Crimson Forest.

    • Psilocybe: Look for rare purple and red Psilocybe trees in the Warped Forest.

Thrilling Encounters:

  • Forest Blazes: Crimson, Warped, and Soul Sand Valley biomes now boast Blazes with unique skins, adding a touch of visual distinction.

  • Adorable Baby Ghasts: These harmless baby Ghast companions float around without attacking players.

  • Nether-Themed Moobloom: Chaga, Crimson, and Warped Mooshrooms roam the Nether, offering special Nether-based stew variants.

Unveiling New Resources:

  • Mercury and Gallium: These valuable ores generate throughout the Nether. A bucket is required for collection.

  • Mercury's Potential: Craft a potion with Mercury to remove Wither, Poison, and Fatal Poison effects for 2 minutes. However, excessive use (over 5 times) inflicts Wither for 2 minutes.

  • Gallium's Versatility: Duplicate metals and repair anvils using Gallium.

  • Explosive Innovation: Combine Mercury and Gallium to create a powerful new TNT variant.

  • Platinum: This Nether-specific metal offers superior durability compared to iron, making it ideal for Nether-based tools and armor.

Bloodstone's Might:

  • Nether's Diamond: Bloodstone Gems are the Nether's equivalent of diamonds, offering similar crafting options but with a unique twist.

  • Lifesteal Power: Bloodstone armor and tools boast a life-stealing effect, restoring your health as you damage enemies.

The Power of Essences and Souls:

  • Crafting and Combat: These new additions fuel scroll creation and empower the formidable new boss.

Wondrous Warts:

  • Crafted and Found: New wart varieties can be crafted or discovered, adding decorative blocks and brewing possibilities.

Spooky Illumination:

  • Soul Pumpkins: Grown in Soul Sand Valleys, these pumpkins transition from small to large on any block.

Mystical Soulstone:

  • A Mysterious Addition: The Soulstone holds secrets yet to be discovered.

Unveiling New Structures:

  • Soul Towers: These rare structures rise from Soul Sand Valleys, harboring unknown potential.

  • Warped Nether Ships: Uncommon sightings across the Nether, these warped vessels hint at a forgotten civilization.

  • Obsidian Spikes: Emerge from lava lakes, spawning Blazes and adding a touch of danger to the fiery landscape.

The Dreaded Withering Blaze:

  • Boss Encounter: Summon this fearsome boss by placing a Withering Soul Pumpkin on two Bloodstone Blocks. Prepare for an epic battle! (For detailed strategies, check out the provided tutorial video)

A Compact Enhancement:

  • Focused Improvement: Nethercraft [V.4] aims to enrich the Nether experience without a complete overhaul, offering a delightful expansion for dedicated explorers.

Download Nethercraft [V.4] today and embark on a thrilling adventure into a revitalized Nether!


- Download Mod;
- Use Minecraft
- Open the downloaded file to install;
- Select it in the settings;
- Have fun!

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