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More Zombies Mod[12 unique zombies]

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More Zombies Mod[12 unique zombies]
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Thu Jan 04 16:43:52 CST 2024
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Unleash the Horde: Discover Diverse Zombies in This Minecraft Add-on!

Calling all Minecraft adventurers! Do you crave some extra challenge and variety in your zombie encounters? This exciting add-on throws a whole new horde your way, introducing 12 unique zombies with distinct behaviors and abilities. Prepare for thrilling battles, strategic encounters, and a touch of unexpected charm!

Meet the Unconventional Undead:

  • Loyal Companions: Befriend the neutral Zomboy and Zombie Lady with a simple apple offering. They'll gladly stand by your side in battle.

  • Ranged Threats: Sharpshooters beware! The Zombie Archer unleashes arrows from afar, while the Invisible Zombie lurks unseen before striking.

  • Mystical Masters: Prepare for chaos with the Zombie Evocator summoning smaller minions and unleashing blindness or poison attacks. Watch out for the Explosive Zombie transforming Creepers and exploding with devastating force.

  • Unique Abilities: The Crescent Zombie grows large upon approaching, the Colorful Zombie inflicts different effects with each color shift, and the Fire Zombie leaves a fiery trail in its wake.

  • Legendary Boss: Face the ultimate challenge with the Zombie Boss, wielding a thrown head attack and commanding baby zombie archers and blinders. Summon this fearsome foe by striking any hostile add-on zombie with lightning!

Beyond the Battlefield:

  • Mysterious Mount: Saddle up on a naturally spawning Zombie Horse found roaming the night. Explore in style with this unique undead steed!

Explore, Discover, and Survive:

  • Each zombie boasts distinct spawning patterns and behaviors, offering variety and excitement to your Minecraft nights.

  • Creative mode players can experiment with custom spawning using eggspawns.

Dive into this thrilling add-on and:

  • Encounter 12 unique zombies, each with surprising abilities.

  • Form alliances with the neutral Zomboy and Zombie Lady.

  • Face the ultimate challenge with the mighty Zombie Boss.

  • Ride into the night on a mysterious Zombie Horse.

Download this add-on and unleash a new wave of Minecraft adventure!


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