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More Professions Villagers Mod

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More Professions Villagers Mod
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Wed Jan 10 16:05:37 CST 2024
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Expand Your Minecraft World with More Professions Villagers Addon!

Looking for a way to add new depth and variety to your Minecraft world? More Professions Villagers Addon is the perfect solution. This addon adds seven new professions for villagers, each with its own unique set of items to trade.

With More Professions Villagers Addon, you can:

  • Trade with villagers to get specialized and useful items.

  • Build new structures and farms to house the new villagers.

  • Explore new possibilities for your Minecraft creations.

Here are just a few of the new professions you can find in More Professions Villagers Addon:

  • Apothecary: Sells potions, elixirs, and other magical items.

  • Blacksmith: Sells enchanted weapons, armor, and tools.

  • Jeweler: Sells jewelry, gems, and other precious items.

  • Lumberjack: Sells wood, logs, and other forestry products.

  • Miner: Sells ores, minerals, and other mining products.

  • Farmer: Sells food, seeds, and other agricultural products.

  • Shepherd: Sells wool, leather, and other animal products.

More Professions Villagers Addon is a must-have for any Minecraft player looking to add new depth and variety to their world. Download it today and start exploring!


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