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More Mob Totems Mod

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More Mob Totems Mod
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Sun Feb 18 17:19:12 CST 2024
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More Mob Totems: Conquer Death and Earn Epic Rewards!

Tired of dying in Minecraft? More Mob Totems offers you an epic solution! This addon lets you cheat death with over 40 unique totems, each with incredible benefits and rewards.

Face unimaginable dangers and obtain:

  • Powerful armor and weapons.

  • Beneficial potion effects.

  • Valuable and rare resources.

  • And much more!

Discover some of the most amazing totems:

Human Totem: Get full iron armor, an iron sword, and a health boost.

Zombie Totem: Defeat a zombie to earn a zombie head, 9 carrots, and 7 gold ingots.

Drowned Totem: Breathe underwater, receive 7 gold ingots, 5 nautilus shells, and a heart of the sea.

Skeleton Totem: Obtain a skeleton skull and 32 arrows by killing a skeleton.

Slime Totem: Jump higher, receive 12 slime balls, 5 slime blocks, and defeat slimes with ease.

Enderman Totem: Teleport with 7 ender pearls and 9 chorus fruits.

Ender Dragon Totem: Fly with an Elytra and display a dragon head as a trophy.

Many more totems to discover!

Additional features:

  • Command to get all totems: /function give_totems

  • Multiplayer server compatibility.

  • Frequent updates with new totems and features.

Download More Mob Totems today and redefine your Minecraft experience!


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