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Moon Knight Mod
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Addon: Moon Knight -

Minecraft Moon Knight Mod: Marvel Heroes Are Coming!

Do you like Moon Knight from Marvel comics? If so, then this Minecraft mod is perfect for you! This mod brings Moon Knight and some of his rogues gallery into your game world, as well as some of his allies.

You can use Moon Knight's various abilities to fight crime and protect the innocent. You can also use custom armor, weapons, and other items to enhance your power.

This mod is a must-have for all Marvel fans. It allows you to experience the adventures of Moon Knight in Minecraft.

Mod details

Addon: Moon Knight -

Background introduction

Marc Spector was a mercenary who died in the line of duty. Just as he was about to die, the moon god Khonshu resurrected him and made him a fist to protect the earth. After his resurrection, Marc Spector developed multiple personalities, one of which was Moon Knight.


Moon Knight (Comics):

Addon: Moon Knight -

Addon: Moon Knight -


Similar Moon Knight but different skin and has a staff. This Moon Knight lost his powers but still fights crime.



Addon: Moon Knight -

Addon: Moon Knight -


Khonshu, The Moon God of Egypt was the one who resurructed Marc Spector and made him the Moon Knight. Khonshu is incredibly strong and has different unique abilities.


Midnight Man:

Addon: Moon Knight - 

Midnight Man aka Mogart is a thief and art collector, who goes by the alias of the Midnight Man. Unsurprisingly, he usually operates at night, similar to Moon Knight himself.


Black Spectre:

Addon: Moon Knight - 

Carson Knowles, aka Black Specter, is a villain who hates the city and Moon Knight. He wants revenge for the way he was treated in the city. Black Specter is a veteran with incredible powers. He wears armor for increased defense and uses a sword.


Addon: Moon Knight - 

Bushman is a mercenary who fights alongside Marc Spector. They were on a mission on the border of Egypt, the territory of Marc's evil brother Randal Spector. When they attempt to steal the ancient Egyptian Alraune, Bushman betrays Marc and shoots him. This turns Marc into Moon Knight. Moon Knight later ripped off Bushman's face, forcing him to wear a prosthetic one.


Shadow Knight(Randal Spector):

Addon: Moon Knight - 

Randal Spector is the brother of Marc Spector. He was also nearly killed by Bushman, but escaped while insane and became a serial killer. After some time, he wanted to be like his brother, so he joined the Kongsu Group and began stealing technology from A.I.M. to gain similar powers to his brother.



Addon: Moon Knight - 

Mr-Knight is a personality of Moon Knight who is like a priest. Though he wears a suit he is still the Moon Knight.



Staff of the Moon Knight:

Addon: Moon Knight - 

This staff is used by Moon Knight for fighting criminals in the night. It is a staff and deals great damage.


Crescent darts:

Addon: Moon Knight - 

Crescent darts are moon shaped boomerangs used by Moon Knight. It has a good range and can be thrown at enemies. It makes the enemy slow.




Moon Knight Armored suit:

Addon: Moon Knight - 

Moon Knight Classic suit:

Addon: Moon Knight - 

Moon Knight MCU suit:

Addon: Moon Knight - 

Mr-Knight suit:

Addon: Moon Knight - 


How to use mod

 - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

 - Activate experimental game featur

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