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MOOblooms Mod
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Mooblooms: Colorful Cows with Blooming Personalities! (Minecraft Mod)

Tired of plain old cows? Spice up your Minecraft pastures with Mooblooms, a vibrant mod that introduces 14+ unique flower-topped cows to your world!

Blooming with Variety:

  • Go beyond the Moobloom! This mod expands the concept with a variety of flower-bearing cows, each with its own distinct look.

  • Explore Diverse Biomes: Find these colorful bovines roaming flower forests, plains, sunflower plains, forests, swamps, and even regular forests!

Inspired by Minecraft Live:

  • Remember the charming Moobloom showcased in Minecraft Live? This mod takes that concept and runs with it, offering a diverse herd of floral friends.

A Feast for the Eyes (and Inventory):

  • Shear and Share: Shear your Mooblooms to collect their beautiful flowers and transform them back into regular cows.

  • Suspicious Stew Surprise: Mooblooms also drop Suspicious Stew, a gamble for your taste buds! Each stew offers random potion effects, good or bad, based on the flower type.

Unveiling the Herd:

  • Azure Bluet: A calming blue flower for a serene aesthetic.

  • Poppy: A vibrant red flower that adds a pop of color.

  • Cornflower: A delightful light blue flower perfect for gardens.

  • Oxeye Daisy: A cheerful white flower with a bright yellow center.

  • Dandelion: A sunny yellow flower that brings a touch of whimsy.

  • Allium: A unique purple flower with a cluster of smaller blooms.

  • Lily of the Valley: A delicate white flower (beware, it's poisonous in real life!)

  • Wither Rose: A dark and ominous black flower for a touch of gothic charm.

  • Blue Orchid & Blue Rose: Elegant blue additions to your collection.

  • Tulip Trio: Pink, Orange, and Red tulips offer a vibrant bouquet.

  • Mooshroom Mashup: This mod even throws in Moobloom versions of the Crimson and Warped Fungi!

Beyond the Basics:

  • Standard Spoils: Don't worry, Mooblooms still drop the same loot as regular cows when slain.

Ready to Bloom Your Minecraft World?

Download the Mooblooms mod today and add a touch of floral fun and variety to your Minecraft pastures!


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