Mob Battles Mod

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Mob Battles Mod
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Addon: Mob Battles -

Unleash Epic Battles with the Mob Battles Addon

Engage in captivating battles of epic proportions with the Mob Battles Addon, introducing a versatile collection of sticks that empower you to manipulate entities and orchestrate thrilling clashes between opposing teams.

Key Features:

1.Team Formation and Combat:

Form distinct teams, represented by the Red Team and Blue Team sticks.

Assign entities to the Red Team by striking them with the Red Team stick. These entities will engage in fierce combat with entities belonging to the Blue Team.

Similarly, assign entities to the Blue Team using the Blue Team stick. These entities will clash with entities from the Red Team, creating a dynamic battlefield.

2.Team Removal and Target Setting:

Utilize the Team Remover stick to remove entities from their respective teams, granting them neutrality or allowing you to reassign them to different teams.

Employ the Target Setter stick to initiate one-on-one duels between two entities, providing an alternative method for orchestrating battles.

3.Debug Stick for Entity Manipulation:

Wield the Debug Stick to access and edit various entity components, granting you control over their behavior and characteristics.

Modify entity attributes like scale, health, movement, and name, tailoring them to your specific battle scenarios.

Mod details

These sticks are in "equipment" category. Edit entity components like Scale, health, movement and name Addon: Mob Battles - 

Team Red

  • Hit an entity using this stick (Can be custom entities).   Addon: Mob Battles -

  • Entities on red team will fight against entities on  blue Team

Addon: Mob Battles -

Addon: Mob Battles -


Note: Target Setter can't be used if an entity is on a team, use team remover stick!

Team Blue
  • Hit an entity using this stick.

  • Entities on this Team will fight against red team.

Addon: Mob Battles -

Addon: Mob Battles -


Team Remover
  • Hit an entity to remove its team. (if you don't want it fighting against enemy team anymore or if you wanna use target setter)

Addon: Mob Battles -

Addon: Mob Battles -


Target Setter
  • Target Setter makes 2 entities fight each other (this stick is "player-side" so each player has its own entities)

Addon: Mob Battles -

Addon: Mob Battles -

Addon: Mob Battles -

Addon: Mob Battles -

Addon: Mob Battles -



Note: Use team remover if you can't use it

Debug Stick [Entity]
  • This stick allows you to edit entity components supported by GameTest

Addon: Mob Battles -

Addon: Mob Battles -

Addon: Mob Battles -

Addon: Mob Battles -

Addon: Mob Battles -

 Note: dialogue box will only show the current components of the entity

  • Added "Team" feature to make big battles 

  • Added Debug Stick [Entity]: Edit some entity components

  • Added Team Remover: Removes team members


     Turn On

  • Turn On GameTest Framework 

  • Turn On Holiday Creator Features 


All mods on comes from user contributions and Internet, if you think there is any infringement, please let us know at [email protected], thank you!

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