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Mo' Path Blocks Mod

date date Wed Nov 15 18:40:04 CST 2023"
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Mo' Path Blocks Mod
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Wed Nov 15 18:40:04 CST 2023
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Addon: Mo' Path Blocks - modsgamer.com

Enrich Your Minecraft Landscapes with a Plethora of Decorative Blocks

Transform your outdoor Minecraft builds into captivating masterpieces with this expansive collection of decorative blocks. This innovative addon introduces a diverse array of blocks, each meticulously crafted to enhance the natural beauty of your creations.

Mod details

Path Blocks:

Dirt path on Grass

  • Has narrow, turn, straight, and end variantsAddon: Mo' Path Blocks - modsgamer.com

  • All variants are rotatable

  • All variants change color to the match the biome color when right-clicked as seen belowAddon: Mo' Path Blocks - modsgamer.com  

Other Decorative Blocks:


  • Rotatable

  • Entities don't collide with the hitboxAddon: Mo' Path Blocks - modsgamer.com



Leaf Pile

  • Only Oak leaves for now

  • 1 pixel tall and a full block wideAddon: Mo' Path Blocks - modsgamer.com



Expermimental TogglesAddon: Mo' Path Blocks - modsgamer.com 

  • Toggles are found in the "Create New World" screen under the "game" tab

  • Holiday Creator Features, Upcoming Creator Features, and Molang Features must all be turned on for the pack to work

  • Wild UpdateSpectator Mode, and Vanilla Experiments are optional, but are not required

  • As always, please make a backup of your world if you are turning these toggles on a existing world 

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