Michi-Gun! Mod

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Michi-Gun! Mod
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Unleash the Feline Fury: Pew Pew with Cat Guns in Minecraft with the Michi-Gun Addon!

Calling all Minecraft warriors and cat lovers!  Prepare to unleash the ultimate weapon of cuteness and firepower with the Michi-Gun Addon!  This purr-fectly unique addon equips you with a variety of adorable cat-shaped guns, transforming your Minecraft battles into a meow-gical experience.

Cattitude with Every Shot:

  • Feline Firearms: Ditch your conventional weaponry and embrace the power of cat guns! The Michi-Gun Addon introduces an arsenal of these adorable, cat-shaped projectile launchers, adding a touch of whimsical charm to your combat encounters.

  • Crafting Cuteness: Construct the Michi Gun Box, your gateway to feline firepower. Using a simple recipe of four wooden blocks and two fish skeletons, you'll be crafting cat guns in no time!

  • Fishy Fuel: Fish are not just for feasting anymore! This addon utilizes raw cod or raw salmon to create fish skeletons, the essential ammunition for your cat guns. Craft them at the crafting table or access them directly from your inventory.

  • Reloading on the Prowl: Need more ammo for your cat gun mid-battle? Simply equip the fish skeleton in your off-hand and your cat gun in your main hand. Then, while crouching, press the interact button (right click) to reload and unleash another flurry of feline fury!

Download the Michi-Gun Addon Today!

Experience Minecraft combat like never before with the Michi-Gun Addon.  Embrace the cuteness, unleash the firepower, and dominate your foes with a purr-fectly unique arsenal of cat guns. Download now and transform your Minecraft battles into a meow-gical adventure!


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