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MetalChest Mod
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Fri Mar 01 17:43:21 CST 2024
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Conquer Your Storage Woes with the Upgradable Chests Addon!

Tired of overflowing chests cluttering your Minecraft world? Struggle no more with the Upgradable Chests Addon for the Bedrock Edition!

Say Goodbye to Storage Limitations:

  • Expand Your Capacity: Ditch the vanilla chest's meager storage and embrace the power of upgradeable chests!

  • Tiered Upgrades: Craft progressively larger chests, from the iron chest (54 slots) to the diamond chest (108 slots), offering ample space for your growing collection.

  • Seamless Integration: Enjoy familiar crafting recipes using iron ingots, gold ingots, and diamonds to upgrade your existing chests smoothly.

Important Notes:

  • One-Click Breaking: These chests currently break with a single click, so handle them with care!

  • Comparator Incompatibility: While these chests offer increased storage, they are not yet compatible with comparators.

Unleash the power of organization and conquer your storage woes today with the Upgradable Chests Addon!


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