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Meowhen Hats! (Cosmetics Mod)

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Meowhen Hats! (Cosmetics Mod)
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Wed Feb 14 16:45:29 CST 2024
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45+ Customizable Hats and Backpacks for Minecraft!

Express yourself with tons of cosmetic options in the [Addon Name] for Minecraft! This addon adds a whopping 45 craftable hats and backpacks to your world, offering endless possibilities for personalization. Whether you're a daring adventurer, a creative builder, or a casual explorer, there's a hat or backpack to match your unique style.

Key Features:

  • 45+ Unique Cosmetics: Choose from a wide variety of hats and backpacks, including themed options like the Solar System Hat, animal hats, and more!

  • Purely Cosmetic: All items are purely cosmetic, meaning backpacks don't have inventory space and hats have no special effects. Focus on looking your best without gameplay imbalances.

  • Easy Crafting: All cosmetics can be crafted in-game using readily available materials.

  • Creative Mode Compatibility: Access all items directly in Creative Mode for instant customization.

  • Community Driven: Share your ideas and suggestions for future cosmetics in the comments or on YouTube!

Perfect for:

  • Players who want to personalize their characters

  • Content creators looking for unique visuals

  • Servers seeking to enhance player individuality


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