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Meme Death Texture Pack

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Meme Death Texture Pack
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Thu Apr 11 16:18:18 CST 2024
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Die Laughing with Meme Death: A Hilarious Minecraft Mod!

Tired of the same old Minecraft death screen? Spice up your demise with Meme Death, a lighthearted mod that injects humor into every respawn!

Embrace the Absurd:

  • 15 Hilarious Death Messages: Laugh off your in-game misfortune with a variety of funny death notifications.

  • Randomized Death Sounds: Enjoy a collection of 6 wacky sound effects that play upon your demise, keeping things unpredictable.

  • Custom Death Subtitles & Text: Experience a complete death screen makeover with humorous subtitles and revised interface text.

Originally a Java Edition creation by noobysheep_, Meme Death is now available for Bedrock Edition thanks to this port!


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