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Skyfactory V4 Map

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Skyfactory V4 Map
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Map: Skyfactory V4 - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft Map is based on SkyFactory for Bedrock Edition and is very similar to SkyFactory for Java Edition. It adds additional content such as advanced mechanics, gadgets, and loot bags. You'll start on a floating island with just one tree, and finish the game by building a factory and defeating the ender dragon.

Introduction to the content of the Map

  • Advanced Machinery

  • Android Infusion

  • Baubles

  • Chickens

  • Custom Enchantments

  • Item Exchange Balanced

  • Loot Bags

  • More TNT

  • Ore Seeds

  • Ore Trees

  • More Generators

  • Survival Guns

  • Tinkers' Awakening

  • Magic

  • Blood Magic

Map: Skyfactory V4 - modsgamer.com 

Map: Skyfactory V4 - modsgamer.com

Map: Skyfactory V4 - modsgamer.com

        New in V4

  • Machinery Weapons

  • Industrial Machinery

  • Calamity

  • Musical Weapons

  • Battle Pets

  • Nether Expansion

  • Draconic Evolution

  • Crazy Tools

  • Crazy Weapons

  • More Gear

  • Blasters


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