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Magic Madness Mod

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Magic Madness Mod
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Thu Nov 02 18:45:02 CST 2023
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Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft addon adds different types of wands, each with different elements, allowing you to become the most powerful wizard.

You can use the staff to shoot fireballs, summon allies, create protective shields, and more. By collecting different staffs and mastering various spells, you will be able to conquer the world.

This addon is suitable for all Minecraft players, whether new or experienced, you can find fun in it.

Mod details

Magic crafting table

1 Crafting Table

4 Obsidian

4 Magic Crystal

Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com

How to obtain the magic crystal?

You'll need to find a stone mason villager and trade your emeralds for the crystal.Each crystal costs 20-30 emeralds

Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 



1. Normal staffAddon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 

2. Pyro StaffAddon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 

3. Hydro StaffAddon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 

4. Eco StaffAddon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 

5. Geo StaffAddon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 

6. Cryo Staff (NEW)Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com

7.Electro Staff (NEW)Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com

Spell selecting system : 

Once you're done crafting your staff.It won't work just yet.Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com


You'll need to choose how fast when you're choosing the spell.Craft this item first in the Magic crafting table.Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 

It's called Crystalized cornflower


When you have crafted 20-30 of these,the next thing is to trade from a librarian.Exchange your flowers for a delay book.The lower the number in the book,the faster you choosing the spell.Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 


After purchasing the book,Hold it and then right click.You should see a text like this ↓Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 


The last thing is to test it.The staff should work like the picture below ↓Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 

Mana System :


No more spamming spells.All spells consume mana.To get mana,brew an Awkward potion with a crystalized cornflower in a brewing stand.Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 


There's a bigger version of the mana potion and its called big mana potion.Brew a mana potion with a red mushroom in a brewing stand.Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 


To use the Mana potion : just drink


Mana potion restores 2.5 mana points while the big one does doubles(5 mana points)Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 


There's another option to restore mana if you're too lazy to get the materials.By exchanging your flowers and emeralds you can get a Mana book from a Lv 5 Librarian.Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 


The mana book uses to speed up your mana regeneration.Hold click/Tap the screen to use the bookAddon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 


Basic Spells :


Shoots a snowball 


Shoots a slimeball that deal 2 damages per hit


Send out a Ghast fireball


Fire Spells :


Shoots a flaming fireball.


Shoots a rideable rocket that sent you to designated direction.

3.Fire Resistance 

Gives the caster fire resistance effect for 8 minutes.

4.Fire Breathe 

Breath fire.


Creates 5x5 field of fire.


Clear blocks with the radius of 4


Shootout magma blocks from all direction dealing 10 damages when contact.

8.Inferno Rage 

Gives the caster absorption effect for 10 seconds.

9.Blaze Guardian 

Summon a pet blaze that will help you in battle.


Calls a meteor from the sky that falls down and crash your enemies.


Water Spells :


Shoots a bubble that repel nearby mobs.


Shoots a bigger bubble that traps close by 


Summon a rideable turtle.


Creates a Stream of water.

5.Rain of Tridents 

Creates a blue circle that summon tridents from the sky

6.Coral Build 

Creates 4x4 Coral cube

7.Dolphin Wave 

Summon 3 dolphins to designated direction dealing damage along the way and explode when it hits the ground.

8.Ocean's Gift 

Remove all debuffs from the caster


Summon a Drowned that fight for you


Creates a Tsunami that pull close mobs to directed place


Nature Spells :

1.Poison Arrow

Shoots poisonous arrow


Creates line of thorns

3.Enchanted Horse

Summon a conjure horse that can walk on air


Traps nearby mobs (7x7 blocks)

5.Poison Fog

Creates AOE Cloud that poison


Tracks random mob and trap them in a leaf cage


Creates a tornado that pull mobs

8.Nature's Bless

Creates a green shield that makes the user immune to all damage for 5 seconds.

9.Bee Swarm

Summon temporary 10 bees that fight beside you.


Summon a small tree that less for a few seconds.It will pull close by mobs.After a few seconds,the tree will grow into a bigger tree.All mobs within the tree will get wither effect.


Stone Spells:


Shoots mini cobblestone that stun enemies


summon spike stone around the caster

3.Cobble Step

The caster have the ability to create a cobblestone platform when they are not in the ground.Sneak to deactivate the spell.


Shoots a ball of stone that will grow over time.

5.Stone Wall

Shoots a projectile stone wall.It creates a 3x3 stone wall when impact.The wall then explode for a few Seconds.

6.Block Manipulation

Summon floating Stone,prismarine,netherrack and endstone block each deal different damages.

7.Shattered Crystal

Shoots a Crystal shard that explode and shatters into pieces

8.Hard Skin

Gives the caster Resistance 2 effect


Summon tamed iron golem


Creates an Earthquake.Each vibration deals 20 damages to mobs that in the area.

Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com

Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com


Spike and Thorns(cactus) have been remodeled 

Waterspouts & tree(venus flytrap) have been changed

Nature's bless & block manipulation now has an indicator

2 New staff

New crafting table

Mana system


Addon: Magic Madness - modsgamer.com 

All mods on modsgamer.com comes from user contributions and Internet, if you think there is any infringement, please let us know at [email protected], thank you!

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