Magic Bag Mod

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Magic Bag Mod
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Addon: Magic Bag -

Free Yourself from Inventory Woes with the Magical Flying Bag Addon

Embark on an adventure unburdened by inventory limitations with the Magical Flying Bag Addon, introducing a revolutionary storage solution that will transform your Minecraft experience.

Unleash the Power of Infinite Storage

Bid farewell to overflowing inventories and embrace the convenience of the Magical Flying Bag. This enchanted companion will accompany you on your travels, providing an endless supply of storage space for all your treasures.

Craft and Tame Your Magical Companion

Harness the power of crafting to create your very own Magical Flying Bag. Combine simple ingredients to bring this magical creation to life. Once crafted, tame your faithful companion by feeding it phantom membrane, establishing a bond of trust and loyalty.

Customize Your Magical Bag

Express your unique style by infusing your Magical Flying Bag with a rainbow of colors. Utilize all available dyes to personalize your aerial storage solution and make it a true reflection of your Minecraft persona.

Command Your Magical Companion

Take control of your Magical Flying Bag by simply interacting with it while crouching. Choose whether it should remain stationary or follow your every step, ensuring you always have access to your precious cargo.

Seek Adventure without Fear of Loss

Should your Magical Flying Bag face any unforeseen harm, rest assured that your belongings remain safe. Even if defeated, your loyal companion will release all its contents, ensuring you never lose a single item.

Magic Bag Crafting

Addon: Magic Bag - 

To tame your magic bag you have to give it phantom membrane


Magic bag is dyeable with all colors of dyes


Addon: Magic Bag -

Addon: Magic Bag -

Addon: Magic Bag -

Addon: Magic Bag -

Addon: Magic Bag -

Addon: Magic Bag -

Addon: Magic Bag -

Addon: Magic Bag -

You can make the magic bag stay or follow you on interact while you are crouching

To kill her you have to hit her more than 8 times and she will release everything she has inside


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