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Revive Lost Mobs with LOSTMOBS: An Epic Minecraft Adventure Awaits!

Relive the excitement of the 2017 Minecon MOB Vote with LOSTMOBS! This thrilling addon resurrects the most beloved runner-up mobs, bringing them to life with faithful designs, captivating behaviors, and exciting challenges.

Dive into the Depths with the Barnacle:

  • Lurks in the ocean depths: Encounter this tranquil-looking giant, but beware! It attacks land mobs and dolphins with its 4-heart-damage tongue attack.

  • Fast and furious: Its large mouth propels it through water, making escape difficult for unprepared players.

  • Beware the surface: Though landlocked, it poses a threat to unsuspecting boaters.

  • Unique rewards: Defeat the Barnacle for a chance to acquire its teeth, used to craft the powerful Prismarine Trident.

Confront the Blazing Fury of the Wildfire:

  • Find it guarding Nether Fortresses: This fiery foe emits heat that damages players and items. Fire resistance is crucial!

  • Shielded and aggressive: Wildfire deflects projectiles and explosions in its armored mode while charging devastating attacks.

  • Heatwave shockwave: This powerful attack expands its heat aura and deals heavy damage, potentially lethal without fire resistance.

  • Spoils of war: Vanquish the Wildfire for a chance to earn its helmet, granting immunity to Blaze attacks and earning their respect.

Unravel the Secrets of the Great Hunger (Coming Soon):

  • A mysterious enigma: This adorable creature's full potential is still under development, but prepare for a big bite when you get too close!

LOSTMOBS: More than just mobs, it's an immersive adventure!

  • Faithful designs: Experience the original mob concepts brought to life with vanilla-inspired textures and behaviors.

  • Unique challenges: Each mob offers distinct combat mechanics and rewards, demanding strategic approaches.

  • Constant evolution: Stay tuned for future updates featuring additional mobs, abilities, and exciting content.

Download LOSTMOBS today and embark on an unforgettable journey!


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