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Kuntilanak Map(Horror Map)

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Kuntilanak Map(Horror Map)
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Map: Kuntilanak Horror - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft map is a map based on the plot of the Indonesian horror movie "Kuntilanak"

Plot background introduction

The story is derived from Indonesian ghost legends, Kuntilanak is the spirit of a woman who died in childbirth. In this map, the wife bears the child alone, but she eventually fails and dies, becoming the soul of Kuntilanak. Her husband left her not wanting to take responsibility and threw away the baby to cover up his evil deeds, making Kunti Lanark's soul even more angry.

How to play

In the maps you will pass several places, each place has its own mission

1.The basement

Map: Kuntilanak Horror - modsgamer.com 

Your task in this place is to find 3 levers in the locked room to turn on the generator and then take the elevator

2.Old House

Map: Kuntilanak Horror - modsgamer.com 

In this place you will have a dialogue with Rendi (the husband of the kuntilanak) and you will be given a mission by him

3.Forest and village

Map: Kuntilanak Horror - modsgamer.com 

Your task in this place is to find the baby's corpse by following the blood trail


Map: Kuntilanak Horror - modsgamer.com 

Your job in this place is to bury the baby's corpse in an empty tomb


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