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Kitsune Masks Mod

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Kitsune Masks Mod
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Fri Mar 15 18:01:50 CST 2024
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Unleash the Power of the Kitsune: Enchanting Masks in Minecraft PE (New Addon)

Calling all Minecraft PE adventurers and mythology enthusiasts!  Have you ever heard of the Kitsune, the powerful and enigmatic white fox spirit of Japanese folklore?  Now, with the new Kitsune Masks addon, you can harness the magic of these legendary creatures in your Minecraft PE world!

Embrace the Kitsune's Power:

  • Craft Your Mask: Embark on a captivating quest to acquire the Kitsune mask. Combine a Diamond Helmet with an Ender Eye, and depending on your desired effect, add additional materials like rabbit's feet or redstone.

A Spectrum of Enchantments:

  • Kitsune Mask (Red): Channel your inner warrior and unleash the power of the Strength effect, granting you enhanced physical prowess in combat.

  • Kitsune Mask (Blue): Explore the depths of the ocean with ease thanks to the Water Breathing effect, allowing you to breathe freely underwater.

  • Kitsune Mask (Green): Soar to new heights with the Jump Boost effect, granting you unparalleled leaping abilities.

  • Kitsune Mask (Purple): Pierce the veil of darkness with the Night Vision effect, illuminating your surroundings even in the deepest caverns.

  • Kitsune Mask (Yellow): Work with increased efficiency thanks to the Haste effect, significantly speeding up your mining and building processes.

  • Kitsune Mask (Orange): Brave the fiery depths with the Fire Resistance effect, protecting you from the scorching flames of lava and netherrack.

A Universal Boon:

  • Enhanced Durability: In addition to their enchanting effects, all Kitsune masks grant you an additional 10 hearts of health, bolstering your resilience against hostile mobs and environmental hazards.

Download the Kitsune Masks addon today and transform yourself into a legendary Kitsune spirit in Minecraft PE!


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