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Java Aspects Textures pack

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Java Aspects Textures pack
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Mon Sep 11 18:00:47 CST 2023
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Textures: Java Aspects - modsgamer.com

This Minecraft texture pack is designed to bring Minecraft Bedrock Edition closer to the original version of Minecraft Java Edition, including the feel, sound, and appearance. This texture pack changes many aspects such as the appearance of water, explosion particles, block sounds, submergence animations, and names of blocks and items. If you're a big fan of Java Edition, you'll love this texture pack! 

The following is an introduction to the content of the material pack

This pack supports New Default textures or Programmer Art textures. Adjust the pack option by selecting the gear on the resource packs screen.
Programmer Art textures require you to have the Classic Texture Pack from the Marketplace enabled below Java Aspects.

Textures: Java Aspects - modsgamer.com 

Textures: Java Aspects - modsgamer.com 

Textures: Java Aspects - modsgamer.com 

Feature List

Features that begin with * are unique to Java Aspects (Fidelity). [Not in Java Aspects (Performance)]

Universal Features (features applied regardless of the pack option you use)
New Default (features that only apply when you use the New Default pack option)
Programmer Art (features that only apply when you use the Programmer Art pack option)

The companion pack Christmas Chests is also available below. It works with or without Java Aspects. Christmas Chests replaces the default chest textures and icons with Java Edition's Christmas-themed textures for a more festive experience.

Textures: Java Aspects - modsgamer.com 

Java Aspects comes with two download options: Fidelity and Performance. Fidelity contains features which cause more lag, like item icons and held item positions, but crashes the game on mobile devices. Performance runs better, but doesn't include durability bars, held item positions, or item icons.

Java Aspects and Christmas Chests are guaranteed compatible with VDX: Java UI 1.1.3, Multipixel 1.18, and Touch Controls Hider 9.0.0, but you must match the load order in the screenshot below:

Textures: Java Aspects - modsgamer.com


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