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Italdesign Nissan GTR-50 mod | Animations Update

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Italdesign Nissan GTR-50 mod | Animations Update
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Thu Aug 17 15:21:21 CST 2023
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This minecraft mod addon includes 17 colors of cars including three original golds, a racing variant and 13 custom colors such as midnight purple, army green, classic blue and more! WARNING: This is a polygon mesh model. Polygon mesh models like this are known to cause lag, even on high-end computers. For your benefit, please do not generate more than five polygon mesh cars at the same time. It's still available in Pocket Edition, though it's especially laggy on mobile. If you experience severe problems, consider reducing the render distance, simulation distance, or other graphics settings in the Video tab. RTX is not supported. Now with animation!

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Italdesign and Nissan have collaborated on an Italdesign Nissan GTR-50 rendering model to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 2019 GTR specification. A year later, they produced a mock-up of the concept and displayed it at the New York International Auto Show. The success of the event prompted Italdesign and Nissan to unveil 50 regulatory-compliant production vehicles, which will be delivered to customers in 2021.

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