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IronMan Mod
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Addon: IronMan -

Embark on an Epic Adventure as Iron Man with This Minecraft Add-on

Transform into the iconic superhero Iron Man and wield his incredible powers with this captivating Minecraft add-on. Don the iconic Iron Man suit, soar through the skies like a true hero, and unleash a barrage of powerful weapons, all within your very own survival world.



You will need to make the Stark Industries suit making machine in order to get weapons and the Iron Man suits.

Addon: IronMan -

Addon: IronMan -

To make suits or weapons you will require Vibranium ingots:

Addon: IronMan -


The arc reactor will allow you to power suits and thruster gloves, the arc reactor is placed in the leg slot.

Addon: IronMan -

Suits and controls:

In this version 3 Iron Man suits are available:

Mark 2:

  • Push resistance: 0.3

  • Protection: 12

Mark 3:

  • Push resistance: 0.4

  • Protection: 15

Mark 4:

  • Push resistance: 0.5

  • Protection: 16

Addon: IronMan - 

Addon: IronMan -

Thruster and Glider

To soar through the skies using the thrusters, equip an Iron Man suit in the foot slot and an arc reactor in the leg slot. Ensure you're airborne, either by jumping or already being in the air, and then press the crouch button to activate the thrusters and take flight.Addon: IronMan -
Equipping the Elytra will transform it into an Iron Man-style glider, enabling you to glide through the air. To ascend, simply press the jump button and utilize the thrusters for propulsion.Addon: IronMan - Addon: IronMan - 

Equipped with the gauntlet, unleash a powerful energy beam that inflicts significant damage upon foes. This attack requires no ammunition and will not deplete as long as an arc reactor is equipped in the leg slot.


This weapon unleashes a rapid burst of bullets, each shot fired in a mere 0.1 seconds. Its magazine holds up to 60 bullets and is effective only when fully loaded and while an Iron Man suit is equipped.

Addon: IronMan -

Addon: IronMan -


To reload, place the ammunition of the miniguns in the second hand, when the magazine is empty, press the button to crouch and interact.

Missile Launcher Glove

With this glove it allows you to fire missiles, it will be required to have a missile in the second hand to fire a missile. Its explosion power is 4.

Addon: IronMan -
While you are on the ground and you hold down the crouch button, a scope will activate that will allow you to increase your view and be able to aim at distant targets. It only works if you have a jetpack or missile launcher glove on your main hand.

Addon: IronMan - 

How to use mod

 - Install Behavior and Resource Pack

 - Activate experimental game feature

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