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I Am Atomic! | UPDATE 1.3 Mod

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I Am Atomic! | UPDATE 1.3 Mod
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Thu Mar 07 17:58:22 CST 2024
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I Am Atomic! | UPDATE 1.3 - modsgamer.com

Become the Eminence in the Shadows with the Cid Kagenou Ability Addon for Minecraft!

Ever wanted to wield the power of an atomic bomb? Now you can with the Cid Kagenou Ability Addon for Minecraft! Inspired by the character Cid Kagenou from "The Eminence in Shadow," this addon lets you unleash devastating attacks and become a force to be reckoned with.

Embrace the Shadow:

  • Atomic Arsenal: Wield the legendary Shadow Sword (or Atomic Sword), crafted from potent black slime, and unlock Cid Kagenou's signature abilities!

  • Command Convenience: Grant yourself the Shadow Sword and Shadow Robes (for maximum defense) using the following commands:

    • /give @p ds:atomic_sword

    • /give @p ds:shadow_robes

Unleash Atomic Might:

  • I Am Atomic! – The pinnacle of power! Activate this ability by clicking the Shadow Sword and transform into a walking atomic bomb, inflicting devastating damage on everything within a 250-block radius!

  • All Range Atomic: For the truly audacious, unleash the "I Am The All Range Atomic" ability, instantly obliterating everything within a massive 1000-block radius! (Use with caution!)

Beyond the Bomb:

  • Ebony Swirl: Unleash a swirling vortex of razor-sharp slime that tears through your enemies.

  • Slash Barrage: Execute a whirlwind of thousands of lightning-fast slashes, creating a devastating shockwave.

  • Flash Strike: Dash forward in a blur of motion, slicing down any foe in your path.

Witness the Power:

Download the Cid Kagenou Ability Addon today and become the ultimate shadow warrior in Minecraft!

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