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Hunters Addon
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Tue Nov 07 18:06:25 CST 2023
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Addon: Hunters -

This Minecraft mod add-on introduces hunting mechanics to your world, allowing you to take leisurely walks and hunt bears or deer. Once you get home, you can safely store your weapons in your closet and enjoy your meal.

3 new animals (for now)

Wild duckAddon: Hunters - 

Black bearAddon: Hunters - 

Сommon deerAddon: Hunters - 

A shotgun with their respective crafts is also addedAddon: Hunters - 

And a knife to get the items from the animals.Addon: Hunters - 

When you successfully hunt down a duck or deer, their lifeless bodies will remain on the ground. To obtain the items, you will need to interact with the bodies while holding a knife in your hand.Addon: Hunters - Addon: Hunters - 

The shotgun has unlimited uses (for now), though it does require bullets to work.Addon: Hunters - 

In the current version, there is a bug that prevents animals from appearing naturally in the world. To overcome this issue, you can either spawn them using creative mode or utilize commands. Rest assured, this bug will be addressed in the upcoming version.


These are the crafting of the shotgun, the bullets and the knife

Addon: Hunters -

Addon: Hunters -

Addon: Hunters -

Addon: Hunters -

Addon: Hunters -


Be sure to enable these options prior to creating the world.Addon: Hunters - 


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Download 2081909

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