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Gecko's Gizmos Mod[Automated machinery]

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Gecko's Gizmos Mod[Automated machinery]
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Sat Oct 21 18:12:35 CST 2023
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Addon: Gecko's Gizmos - modsgamer.com

Minecraft: Gecko's Gizmos Mod

Modernize your Minecraft world!

Have you ever wished that the Bedrock version of Minecraft had automated mechanics to help you speed up the game? Now you can do just that with the Bedrock Automation add-on!

This add-on adds a bunch of machines that let you automate a variety of tasks, including mining, harvesting, crafting, and more.

This add-on is a must-have for any player who loves adding new content and challenges to Minecraft.

Mod details


  • Conveyor Belts

  • Auto-crop harvesters

  • Quarries with custom shapes

  • Auto Bock miners

  • Shaker (turns junk blocks into useful blocks

  • Compressor (makes stronger metals)

  • Water Wheels

  • Power Transmitters

  • Working Power system

  • Built in Help screen


In this mod you can generate electricity by making a water wheel and connecting it to the grid via a power transmitter. Each machine will then use part of the power to complete its tasks. Each machine will consume a different amount of electricity, depending on the type of machine. The automatic miner may only use 5 power, but the quarry will use 20 power.

The mod also has a built-in help section if you go into the "how to" section in the game (by opening your inventory and pressing the question mark in the upper right corner). Here you can find valuable information such as crafting recipes and the general workings of all features.

Quarry is very powerful, but can be a bit laggy on low-end devices, so don't have too many quarries active at the same time.



Some of the features does not function correctly, mainly regarding the breaking of custom blocks, when you are in creative mode, so always play in survival mode when messing around the with add-on's features. Also if the power indicator does not immediately appear on the right of your screen, walk toward the "0 0" coordinates until it appears. Also turn on "Holiday Creator Features" and "Additional Modding Capabilities" in the world's settings.


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