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Gecko's Gizmos Mod

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Gecko's Gizmos Mod
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Tue Feb 20 17:20:07 CST 2024
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Automate Your Bedrock Dreams: Unleash the Power of Industry with the Machinery Madness Addon!

Tired of tedious tasks slowing down your Minecraft adventures? The Machinery Madness Addon for Bedrock Edition brings your industrial dreams to life, introducing a powerful suite of automated machines that revolutionize the way you play!

Unleash the Machine Revolution:

  • Conveyor Belts: Transport resources effortlessly, streamlining your workflow and maximizing efficiency.

  • Auto-Harvesters: Say goodbye to hand-picking crops! Let these automated wonders tend your fields while you explore or create.

  • Customizable Quarries: Mine with precision and efficiency! Design your ideal quarry size and shape, maximizing resource extraction.

  • Auto-Miners: Conquer the depths with ease! Deploy these dedicated diggers to mine specific locations or entire veins.

  • Shaker: Transform unwanted blocks into useful resources! Recycle your way to success with this innovative invention.

  • Compressor: Craft stronger metals and alloys! Refine your materials to forge powerful equipment and tools.

  • Water Wheels: Generate clean, renewable energy! Harness the power of flowing water to fuel your automated empire.

  • Working Power System: Connect and manage your energy flow! Watch your machines hum to life with intuitive power distribution.

  • Built-in Help Screen: Get quick answers and handy tutorials! Learn everything you need to know within the game itself.

  • Video Guide Available: Dive deeper with a comprehensive video guide! Visualize the addon's features and unlock its full potential.

Beyond the Machines:

  • Performance Optimization: Enjoy smooth gameplay even on lower-end devices with thoughtful resource management.

  • Creative Mode Warning: Certain features work best in survival mode for optimal functionality.

  • Essential Settings: Ensure "Holiday Creator Features" and "Additional Modding Capabilities" are enabled for full compatibility.

Ready to automate your adventures and experience the thrill of industrial power? Download the Machinery Madness Addon today and enter a new era of efficiency and ingenuity!


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