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Futuristic House Mountain map

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Futuristic House Mountain map
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Futuristic House Mountain - modsgamer.com

Futuristic House Hill is a map created from scratch where we placed a modern and futuristic house among the hills.

Its function is to act as a reservoir, directing water to farming areas and limiting the needs of each player.

In its vicinity we will have several habitable houses, add a sawmill and a mill, all surrounded by crops and an animal farm.

Everything is protected by a wall with two gates. If we look up at the sky, we see a big ship flying over the town.

The map consists of outer areas, made up of crops, small rivers, and reservoirs that collect water from the mountains.

Our house, on the other hand, is circular and consists of different floors of different heights, each of which is equipped with the necessary things so that the player does not have to create new rooms.

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