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Food Expansion BE, Continued! Mod

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Food Expansion BE, Continued! Mod
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Expand Your Palate & Fuel Your Adventures: Food Expansion BE, Continued!

Craving culinary variety in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? Dive into Food Expansion BE, Continued, a simple yet immersive addon that elevates the food system with delicious new options!

Key Features:

  • Exotic Meats: Savor unique raw ingredients like bat wing, cat meat, horse meat, and more!

  • Hearty Cooked Dishes: Transform raw ingredients into mouthwatering meals like crispy bacon, llama steak, and cooked squid. Feed these to your loyal canine companions too!

  • Emergency Rations: Never starve again! Craft filling options like dough, roasted seeds, and cactus fruit when resources are scarce.

  • Indulgent Treats: Treat yourself to sweet delights like fried egg, carrot cake, and chocolate bars, or savor a savory bacon & egg combo.

  • Diverse Soups & Stews: Enjoy expanded variety and stack limits for classic soups and stews, including carrot soup, beetroot noodles, bat soup, and unique concoctions like Nether Wart Stew and Golden Feast.


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