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Flora Fishing+ Addon

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Flora Fishing+ Addon
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Addon: Flora Fishing+ - modsgamer.com

This minecraft mod Flora Fishing+ incorporates a total of 69 novel items into the regular Minecraft fishing experience. This includes 2 different sets of armor, a new set of tools, 19 exclusive fish (each providing a unique status effect), 9 fish that can be cooked, and a host of additional features.

 Addon: Flora Fishing+ - modsgamer.com

  • Arowana (Fire Resistance) 

  • Atlantic Mackerel (Strength)

  • Blobfish (Nausea) 

  • Blowfish (Levitation) 

  • Clown Fish (Jump Boost) 

  • Electric Eel (Speed) 

  • Flying Fish (Slow Falling) 

  • Glowfish (Night Vision) 

  • Goldfish (Absorption) 

  • Guppy (Water Breathing) 

  • Heartfish (Instant Health) 

  • Invisi-Fish (Invisibility)

  • Piranha (Instant Damage) 

  • Red Snapper (Regeneration) 

  • Sailsfish (Haste) 

  • Squid (Blindness) 

  • Sunfish (Slowness) 

  • Tadpole (Hunger)

  • Zebra Fish (Resistance)

Addon: Flora Fishing+ - modsgamer.com 

Here are the 9 fish that can be cooked, however do not give any buffs or de-buffs:

  • Bass

  • Carp

  • Cod

  • Golden Trout

  • Mackerel 

  • Salmon

  • Trout

  • Tuna

  • Yellow Perch

This pack also includes 16 different colours of Betta Fish, all of which will have purposes in the future.

Addon: Flora Fishing+ - modsgamer.com

Fosh Armour
Fosh Armour, a newly added craftable armor set, can be obtained through the use of Fosh Rock as its primary material. Fosh Rock has a chance to be acquired by fishing in any biome and is categorized as a junk loot drop. The armor provides the same level of protection as Iron Armour but with an amplified durability. It serves as an ideal armor set for the early stages of the game, particularly for players who prefer fishing by the coast rather than delving into the depths of caves.Addon: Flora Fishing+ - modsgamer.com 

Tin Can
Tin Cans can be used to craft a set of tools with the exact same stats as golden toolsAddon: Flora Fishing+ - modsgamer.com 

Tyres can be used to craft a set of armour with the exact same stats as leather armour Addon: Flora Fishing+ - modsgamer.com This add-on requires Holiday Creator Features to be enabled to work

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