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Flintlock Firearms Mod

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Flintlock Firearms Mod
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Unleash the Powdersmoke: Experience Historic Firearms in Minecraft with the Flintlock Mod!

Tired of the same old swords and bows? Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of historical firearms with the Flintlock Mod for Minecraft!

Experience the Power and Precision of Early Guns:

  • Craft and wield authentic flintlock firearms: pistols, muskets, pepperboxes, blunderbusses, and more! Each weapon boasts unique firing mechanics, reload times, and damage output.

  • Master the art of reloading: Load black powder, flints, and lead balls individually – feel the historical weight of every shot!

  • Discover diverse firearms: From the standard Flintlock Pistol to the rapid-firing Pepperbox and the devastating Blunderbuss, choose the weapon that suits your playstyle.

Travel Back in Time with Features:

  • Crafting recipes: Uncover the secrets of forging these historical weapons right in your Minecraft world.

  • Bayonet attachments: Mount your bayonet for close-quarters combat and deliver additional melee damage.

  • Authentic details: Witness the smoke billow, sparks fly, and hear the thunderous roar of each shot, immersing yourself in the history of firearms.


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