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Flappy Bird Craft Minecraft Map

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Flappy Bird Craft Minecraft Map
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Soar Through the Pipes in Flappy Bird Craft: A Fun Minecraft Bedrock Minigame! 

Calling all Minecraft Bedrock players and Flappy Bird fans!  Get ready to experience the addictive fun of Flappy Bird right within your favorite blocky world with Flappy Bird Craft!

Flappy Bird Takes Flight in Minecraft:

  • Relive the Classic: Have you ever enjoyed the fast-paced challenge of Flappy Bird? Now you can bring that exhilarating gameplay to Minecraft Bedrock with Flappy Bird Craft!

  • Test Your Skills: Navigate your way through a series of randomly generated pipes, just like the original Flappy Bird. Put your reflexes and timing to the test as you strive to beat your high score.

  • Simple Setup, Seamless Gameplay: Join the fun with ease! Simply enter the portal located in the lobby, press the "Skip" button, and prepare for takeoff.

  • Intuitive Controls: Utilize the jump button to control your flight path and avoid those pesky pipes. The familiar controls make it easy to jump right in and start playing.

  • Endless Replayability: With randomly generated pipes, each game presents a unique challenge. No two playthroughs will be the same, ensuring endless fun and competition.

  • Convenient Navigation: Died during your flight? No worries! Dedicated items allow you to return to the lobby or restart the game quickly.

  • Bug Squasher (Just in Case): If you encounter any map glitches, simply press the hidden button located behind the map to reset it and eliminate any issues.

Download Flappy Bird Craft today and prepare to flap your way to Flappy Bird glory in Minecraft Bedrock!


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